Golf Scoring App (Android, iPhone, BlackBerry)

I would highly recommend the new Golf Scoring/GPS App called GolfShot.  It can operate in FREE or PAID mode.  In FREE mode it provides distances to the green and allows you to track your shots and scores and have them stored in the cloud.  You can also easily share round info with friends.  There are other Apps that do the same (GolfLogix, and SkyDroid, shop etc) but this one has the best UI.  With the PAID mode you get hole flyby's, club suggestor and hazzard info.

Give it a try.  And if you like it let the BBM Group know that you are registered so that we can add you as a Friend and keep an eye on each others scores throughout the year.

NOTE: If you are trying to install this on BlackBerry you will need to install the SNAP application first which will then let you connect to Google Play to discover and download GolfShot.

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